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IDRC Collateral – and a Spinoff Organization:

Throughout most of the developing world, owning a personal computer is an unattainable goal. This fact has given rise to a movement of community computing centres, or “telecentres”, where people go to conduct business and access resources on the Internet — anything from applying for a driver’s licence to taking courses to paying their taxes. Funded in part by Microsoft Community Affairs, was endowed with both money and software to distribute to developing countries.

Utopia’s task for this coffee-table-style book was to encapsulate the vitality and diversity of the telecentre movement, and to promote awareness at the government level for this organization.

Materials for were distributed in three languages throughout the world. For the corporate materials, a bold and hopeful look and feel was developed, to embody this new organization and its mission. We used the distinctive orange from the IDRC logo as a base for the look and feel, and strong, simple typography that could be rolled out easily in any language.

Project: Book Design and Corporate Branding Materials

Client:, a program by IDRC (the International Development Research Centre, Located in Ottawa)

Utopia's Role:

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Production, and Print Management