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BTI Systems – Smarter and Faster

After two years of using the “In a Gigabit World...” theme, BTI wanted to go in a fresh, new direction. We decided to concentrate on improving the user experience, thanks to all of BTI’s technological improvements during those intervening two years. The resulting “Smarter and Faster” campaign showed both the benefit and the visceral feeling of greater speed. We created an abstracted network diagram using the BTI graphics, and this formed the graphic base for all fact sheet design and corporate collateral, and was used as a textural element over race-car imagery.

Content Managed Website

BTI also wanted a redesigned/update of the company website, to more effectively tell their story to potential customers. We created a modern, clean, front-end layout that showcased BTI’s solutions, focusing on the main industries that use BTI products. The site continued our initial installation of an off-the-shelf content management system, which enables BTI to update its website without the need to use external resources.

BTI Systems Multimedia

Utopia also created Flash multimedia shows on the site. These shows were created in tandem with online ads, placed with Optical Networking online publications.

About BTI Systems

BTI Photonic Systems (2006–2007). BTI, a manufacturer of components for optical networks for Internet providers and other high-speed networks, was a four-year-old company in need of new positioning and a new look. As we discovered, in BTI’s world it is all about bandwidth — having it, providing it cheaply and quickly, and keeping up with high network demand. So, as well as a new graphic approach, Utopia created an overarching concept of “In a Gigabit World...”, which positioned BTI as the provider of choice for over-stretched network customers.

Project: Corporate Design

Client: BTI Systems (Located in Ottawa)

Utopia's Role:

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Writing, Design, Multimedia, Web Design, Tradeshow Design, Production, and Print Management