CBC|Radio-Canada 2004–2005 Annual Report

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CBC|Radio-Canada 2004–2005 Annual Report

This was a watershed year for CBC. Starting in 2000, the corporation began redefining its goals, structure and approach to broadcasting. In 2005, this renewal process created a CBC|Radio-Canada that had never been more fresh, relevant or distinctively Canadian. Our strategy for the 2004¬2005 annual report was to speak to the hearts and minds of Canadians, reminding them that CBC|Radio-Canada is a unique public space, an essential component of who we are now and who we wish to become. By featuring real viewer feedback in the form of quotes in the introductory section, and a stream of conscious line of questioning that showed how open to debate all things are in this public space, we were able to truly reflect the values of this uniquely Canadian corporation.

Project: Annual Report Design

Client: CBC|Radio-Canada (Corporate Communications Client, Located in Ottawa)

Utopia's Role:

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Writing, Design, Production, and Print Management