Hotel Quintessence – Corporate Collateral and Packaging

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Hotel Quintessence – Corporate Collateral and Packaging

Quintessence Corporate Look and Feel

Hotel Quintessence is a five-star boutique hotel, located at Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The hotel needed help with its image and marketing. For its target market, the kinds of services that Q offers go without saying — and they are not a differentiator. What is unique about Q is the attention to detail, the relentless excellence of every aspect of the hotel’s appearance and its service. So we developed a tag line that reflected the state of mind you would experience while staying at Q. The resulting “Arrive, Rest, Indulge, Explore, Savour” — paired with the welcoming “You have arrived” — became our kicking-off point for a rich, elegant design that makes it easy for each person to imagine his or her own restful, pampered stay. The tactile, layered look, using fine coated and translucent stocks, was also multifunctional, as all the pieces we created can be used in different combinations for all of Quintessence’s various markets.

Our keynote image came to life as a wrought iron “Q” on the property’s main gate — it became the anchor image for all of the hotel’s materials.

Corporate Gift Packages

The word ‘quintessence’ in ancient and medieval philosophy meant the ‘fifth’ — and highest — element, a distillation of the other four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Quintessence was believed to be the substance of the heavenly bodies and latent in all things.

The architecture and interior design of the hotel was based on highlighting these natural elements. It was therefore natural, when we developed design elements for the corporate gift collateral package, to work with the five elements as the basis for our five types of gift packages.

A button-and-string holder features cards that introduce the hotel and its corporate gift packages (Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Quintessence, the à la carte option) and their value ranges. The corporate package cards are validated by a serial-numbered sticker that wraps around each card, with a stamped “Q” crest. The corporate brochure was also designed to fit into this package.

Project: Corporate Collateral

Client: Hotel Quintessence (Located at Mount Tremblant, Quebec)

Utopia's Role:

Creative Direction, Art Direction of Photography, Writing, Design, Production, and Print Management